OYC (Ohio Youth Conference)





For photo album of 2017 OYC Services and activities. Click Here.

June 23 and 24 – OYC Youth Services and Activities

We are praising the Lord for another great state meeting! Thank you to everyone who listened to our 2016 report and voted to accept it and our 2018 budget.

Congratulations to Jacob Lute for being this year’s $1,000 college scholarship winner. In order to continue with our scholarship opportunities and state meeting activities, we will need the continued support of the churches of the state of Ohio. We have been blessed by you in the past, and ask that you consider continuing generous support of the youth of the state.

We are glad to have Deanna Price (Porter) for another term and welcome Mike Ellis (Heritage) onto the board.

Once again, our Friday evening service and laser tag were well attended. We had 100 in attendance in our elementary and junior/senior high services!

The great thing was that most returned Saturday morning for Q&A. Our special guest speaker Aaron Pontious did an excellent job in both services. We pray that our youth had their faith strengthened by his Friday message and Saturday Q&A.

Don’t forget to support our competitors at the National Association in Louisville July 16-19. Have a great summer!

 OYC Competition Results

Congratulations to all of our Ohio students that competed in the 2017 OYC Ministry Expo on April 8.  Thanks also goes to all of the coaches, parents and supporters that spent the day with us in support of the youth of Ohio.  If you are going to be at the National Convention in July, make sure to set aside some time to support our Ohio competitors (* = going to National):

Individual Memorization – 0.K5 Aslyn Mounts*, 0.01 Ella Luthy*, 0.02 Nate Luthy*, 0.03 Ana Luthy*, 0.06 Emily Sammons*
Group Memorization – 0.12g Ashley & Caleb*  Vocal Solo – 1.10 A Colton Luthy*, 1.20 D Jake Tenney*, 1.30 C Haley Wellman*, 1.30 D Katie Widdig*
Vocal Ensemble – 2.20 D Dakoda & Cierra*
Sign Language – Individual – 6.11 B Cooper Luthy*, 6.11 D Shardonay Johnson*, 6.11 D Caleb Brazzell
Sign Language – Group – 6.12 B Lord’s Loving Hands (Westerville)*, 6.12 D Lord’s Loving Hands (Westerville)*
Puppetry – Live – 6.61 C Palar & Kylie (Mansfield)*, 6.61 D Dakoda & Kyle (Mansfield)Painting – 7.10 C Makayelynn Justice*  Drawing – 7.20 C Elizabeth Miller*, Cassie Baker
Mixed Media – 7.30 B Brianna Montoya*
Photography – Single – 7.51 C Hannah Rudder*, D Kallie Crouse*
Textiles – 7.63 A Ella Luthy*
Sculpted Clay – 7.71 A Nate Luthy*
Slide Show – 9.30 A Ana Luthy*

 July 16-19 – National Association of Free Will Baptists – Louisville, Kentucky. The 2017 Theme is “be bold”.



Jason Luthy – 2019 (Chairman)
Deanna Price – 2024
Mike Sammons – 2023
Marcus Bailey – 2022
Mike Ellis – 2021
Mark McCarty – 2020
Adam McCarty – 2018

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