Online Sermons

Edwin Hayes Audio
“Why I Am A Free Will Baptist” Listen
2018 Men’s Retreat Audio
Rev. Jason Meade … “Not A Fair Fight” (1 Samuel 17:12) Listen
Rev. Dan Whisner … “Imparting Spiritual Gifts” (Romans 1:8-13) Listen
Rev. Curtis Booth … “What is Wrong With God” (Jeremiah 2:5)” Listen
Rev. Dan Whisner … “Life Changing Experiences” (Philippians 3:13-14) Listen
Troy Sadowski … “His Testimony” Listen
Rev. Dan Whisner … “The Power of Praise” (Daniel 3:16) Listen
Rev. Eugene Crouch … “Follow Me And I Will Make You” (Mark 1:16-18) Listen
Rev. Dan Whisner … “Change” (Romans 1:8) Listen
 2017 Men’s Retreat Audio
Rev. Will Harmon … “Be A Man” (1 Kings 2:2) Listen
Rev. Tim Eaton … “The Bible Tells Me So-David’s Mighty Men” (2 Samuel 23:13-15) Listen
Rev. Tim Eaton … “The Bible Tells Me So-Joseph (Hebrews 11:22)” Listen
Rev. Will Harmon … “Life Changing Experiences” (Philippians 3:13-14) Listen
Rev. Tim Eaton … “The Bible Tells Me So-Daniel” (Daniel 6:1-7) Listen
Rev. Will Harmon … “Stay Vertical” (Daniel 3:16) Listen
Rev. Tim Eaton … “The Bible Tells Me So-Jesus Is In The House” (Mark 2:1-12) Listen
Rev. Will Harmon … “Bullets, the Bible and You” (Isaiah 6:1-5) Listen
2016 Men’s Retreat Audio
Rev. Jim McComas … “Not As Bad As It Seems” Listen
Rev. Kerry Steedley … “Four Gifts” Listen
Rev. Kerry Steedley … “I Pledge” Listen
Rev. Jim McComas … “Preach The Word” Listen
Rev. Kerry Steedley … “The Power Of Faith” Listen
Rev. Jim McComas … “It May Be” Listen
Rev. Kerry Steedley … “Receiving Your Mate” Listen
Rev. Jim McComas … “The Power Of A Basket” Listen
2015 Men’s Retreat Audio
Rev. Will Beauchamp … “The Power of God & the effects on people” Listen
Rev. Bob Burney … “Oh God Rend the Heavens” Listen
Rev. Bob Burney … “The Greatest Revival that Never was” Listen
Rev. Bob Burney … “The Drama of Revival” Listen <– This file is Damaged
Rev. Will Beauchamp … “Four Phases in the life of Solomon Where he tried to find satisfaction” Listen
Rev. Will Beauchamp … “We are Ambassadors for Christ” Listen
Rev. Bob Burney … “The Contrast between Lion & Lamb” Listen
Rev. Will Beauchamp … “Nehemiah’s Wall” Listen
 2014 Men’s Retreat Audio
Rev. Del Wallace … “Believe That He Is” Listen
Rev. H.B. London … “Stir Up The Gift Of Faith” Listen
Rev. Shawn Beauchamp … “The Family Of God” Listen
Rev. H.B. London … “Authority” Listen
Rev. Chris Oiler … “Rejected-Slain-Resurrected” Listen
Rev. H.B. London … “Total Forgiveness” Listen
Rev. Mark Price … “Rise Up! O Men Of God” Listen
Rev. H.B. London … “Growth/Victory” Listen
2013 Men’s Retreat Audio
Rev. Chris Rumfelt … “The Lost Chapter of God’s Word” Listen
Rev. Chris Rumfelt … “The Rose of Sharon” Listen
Rev. Chris Rumfelt … “An Unction from the Holy One” Listen
Rev. Chris Rumfelt … “Run To The Tower” Listen
Rev. Mike Trimble … “The Warrior – God, Jesus & You” Listen
Rev. Mike Trimble … “The Mission?  Making Disciples   How?  Abiding in the Vine” Listen
Rev. Mike Trimble … “Holy Spirit breathe on these dry bones” Listen
Rev. Mike Trimble … “WE ARE…THE CHURCH” Listen
2012 Men’s Retreat Audio
Rev. Mike McCoy … “Grasshopper Mentality” Listen
Rev. Mike McCoy … “Sonship” Listen
Rev. Mike McCoy … “Ravens Still Fly” Listen
Rev. Mike McCoy … “God’s Menu” Listen
Rev. Robert Morgan … “Galatians 1” Listen
Rev. Robert Morgan … “The Gospel We Preach” Listen
Rev. Robert Morgan … “Crucified With Christ” Listen
Rev. Robert Morgan … “Justification By Faith” Listen
2011 Men’s Retreat Audio
Rev. Danny Dwyer … “This Is A Faithful Saying” Listen
Rev. Danny Dwyer … “This Is A True Saying” Listen
Rev. Danny Dwyer … “This Is A Faithful Saying” Listen
Rev. Danny Dwyer … “Are You Running on Empty” Listen
Rev. Henry Horne … “Homeland Security” Listen
Rev. Henry Horne … “Men Of The Word (Part 1)” Listen
Rev. Henry Horne … “3 R’s For Times of Trouble” Listen
Rev. Henry Horne … “Men Of The Word Part 2)” Listen
 2010 Men’s Retreat Audio
Rev. David Crowe … “The Faithful Soldier Eleazar”   listen
Rev. David Crowe … “By My Spirit” listen
Rev. David Crowe … “Transformed Not Conformed” listen
Rev. David Crowe … “Balcony People” listen
Rev. Charles Shepson … “Who Am I, Who Are You, Who Is God ” listen
Rev. Charles Shepson … “Seven Characteristics Of A Happy Home” listen
Rev. Charles Shepson … “How To Win Unsaved Loved Ones” listen
Rev. Charles Shepson … “Give Men To Match Our Mountains”  listen
 2009 Men’s Retreat Audio
Pastor John Meade… “Why Are We Here”  Listen
Rev. Edwin Hayes… “What Binds Us Together” Listen
Pastor Tom Dooley… “Be Filled With The Spirit” Listen
Pastor Daryl Grimes… ‘Two Are Better Than One” Listen
Dr. David Gibbs… “Stop It” listen
Dr. David Gibbs… “God Can Do The Impossible” listen
Dr. David Gibbs… “How To Overcome Worry”  listen
2008 Men’s Retreat Audio
Rev. Brian Baer…  “I’m Not Gonna Do It” listen
Rev. Brian Baer…  “A Weeping Savior”  listen
Rev. Brian Baer… “We Shall Behold Him” listen
Rev. Brian Baer… “Are We There Yet” listen
Rev. Keith Burden… “How To Survive Success” listen
Rev. Keith Burden… “Your Job In The Church” listen
Rev. Keith Burden…  “The Tragedy Of An Offended Spirit”    listen
Rev. Keith Burden…  “Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet” listen
 2007 Men’s Retreat Audio
Pastor Tim Stout…  “How To Recognize A Man of God”  listen
Missionary Tim Keener…  “The Day of Good News” listen
Missionary Tom Jones…  “Out of the Cave Into the Light” listen
Pastor Bruce Copely…  “What Caused this Church to Die”  listen